The Promises Of Rolex, Patek Philippe, Breguet

In this fall season, the brand watches promises will be the most exciting event on the calendar. Some of the rarest and most calued watches in the history are touring the world now for previews before going up for auction in Geneva in November. The Phillips Geneva Watch Auction: include Patek Philippe watches, as well as rare Rolex, Vacheron Constantin, Breguet and other more Swiss watches, and any of watch over a million dollars.

The Promises Of Patek Philippe
The Promises Of Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe

This timepiece is the world’s first perpetual calendar chronograph that was produced in series. Just 281 were ever made, most of the min yellow gold. Just four were created in stainless steel and so that timepiece is expected to fetch more than 3 million Swiss Francs. Another Patek Philippe watch is Ref. 565, referred to as “The Night Watchman” is also up for sale. The 1940’s stainless steel watch should sell for between 200,000 and 400,000 Swiss Francs. It was owned by a night watchman, and was presented to him in recognition for his dedication. It is a unique piece and features a black dial with radium hands and numerals.

The Promises Of Rolex
The Promises Of Rolex


The Rolex Ref. 6085, Made in 1951, 18-karat gold artistic masterpiece with hand-painted cloisonné’ dial. This 6085 is most likely unique. Rolex cloisonné enamel dials are exceptionally rare. The price of this Rolex watch between half a million and 1 million Swiss Francs. Another Rolex watches is Ref. 3330, 37mm pre-Oyster Rolex chronograph created in the 1940’s and made of rose gold with a stunning original rose-colored multi-scale dial, and the price between 300,000 to 600,000.

The Promises Of Omega
The Promises Of Omega


The Speedmaster Professional, long-standing work in exploration and space travel, made in 1970, is one of just three Alaska II watches. This Omega Speedmaster watch features a snow-white matte dial with black racing hands and “Apollo” style register hands for the chronograph hours and minutes. One of the two siblings of this prototype watch resides in the Omega Museum, and the other is privately owned.

The Promises Of Breguet
The Promises Of Breguet


Breguet Type XX Sir Jack Brabham, the price between 20,000 and 40,000 Swiss Francs, one of the cheapest Swiss watches in this Promises. And this Breguet watch was a gift for Brabham – who built his own car. Brabham actually appeared in several Esso Extra Motor Oil ads. The watch, sold to Esso in 1960, is a stainless steel chronograph and the caseback is engraved: Esso J.B. Champion Du Monde 1959.

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Top Replica Watches Of Baselworld

In Baselworld, there are so many watches brands, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, TAG Heuer, Breitling and son on, represent most of the world’s high-end watch makers. Now, we took the time to learn what smaller independent brand replica watches makers were doing.

Rolex Day-Date Replica watches
Rolex Day-Date Replica watches

Rolex Day-Date

I guessed that a new Day-Date model is very popular, Day-Date II 41mm replica watch, isn’t about changing the Rolex Day-Date replica watches, it is about making what has been successful better. The new caliber 3255 movement is more accurate and reliable, the bracelet links have new ceramic inserts for durability and comfort, the dial has more detailed hour markers and decoration, and the case has been carefully refined to really optimize the experience.

Omega Seamaster 40-44mm
Omega Seamaster 40-44mm

Omega Seamaster

The replica watches brand like Omega, 40-44mm wide seems to be a common size this year with timepieces under 40mm wide being relatively uncommon, and it’s fashionable nature of aggressively designed sport watches for men – and the popularity thereof. The Omega replica watches on the list are by no means the only good watches from the show, but represent our relatively democratic agreement of what we feel comfortable recommending to a large pool of people.

In 2015, Omega updated the Seamaster Proplof 1200M with some new tech, material updates, and more reasons to love this cult dive watch that enthusiast adore. The large and heavy Omega Seamaster Ploprof is now a lot lighter, being rendered entirely in titanium – which also includes the supplied mesh-metal bracelet. The watch now uses a ceramic bezel and has a cleaner looking dial without the date.

TAG Heuer Carrera Tourbillon Heuer
TAG Heuer Carrera Tourbillon Heuer

TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer

Other than TAG Heuer’s smartwatch announcement, the new brand Vector soft-launched a new smartwatch concept. For the most part, smartwatches are still not a major part of the traditional watch industry, but major groups like Swatch, was about catering to the most high-end demographic of watch buyers with more exclusive, diamond-decorated products that offered little in terms of novel R&D or new models. But many of them were beautiful enough that we didn’t need to ask why. I think it is also safe to say that a lot of companies are adding smaller-sized watches to their collections, but at the same time, not abandoning larger-sized fake watches uk.

It wasn’t until I put the first Carrera watch to come as a result of Jean-Claude Biver’s leadership of TAG Heuer replica on my wrist, that I could appreciate what he was trying to do with this new model – one that basically just looked like a skeletonized Carrera watch in early press pictures. This watch is going to be controversial among TAG Heuer lovers and it isn’t for everyone, but I think it is a positive move for the brand in its efforts to re-enliven itself as the demographic TAG Heuer.

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Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master Replica Watches

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master Replica Watches
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master Replica Watches

In this feature from our July-August issue, we take a close look at the new version of Rolex’s Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master, with black Cerachrom bezel and Oysterflex bracelet. Original photos are by Nik Schölzel.

A water-resistant Oyster case, large hour markers and bold hands are essential elements of Rolex’s Submariner, introduced in 1953 and made for use underwater. In contrast, Rolex’s Yacht-Master, launched in 1992, is a luxury liner – equally at home on board a yacht on the high seas or on land at a ritzy yacht club. But to enjoy this luxury you’ll need to pay almost $25,000 for the 40-mm Everose gold and Cerachrom ceramic version shown here. Stainless-steel versions of the Yacht-Master are priced about $13,000 less.

The Yacht-Master was the first replica watches in Rolex’s Professional Oyster Collection to come in three different case sizes: 29, 35 and 40 mm. The model we tested, launched last year, is offered in two sizes: 37 and 40 mm. We chose the larger version, which we measured at precisely 40.19 mm in diameter and 11.49 mm in height (excluding the magnifying “Cyclops” lens for the date).

The well-known Cyclops date lens was patented by Rolex in 1953 and introduced in 1954 on the Datejust. This magnifying device is made of sapphire, like the watch’s crystal, and has nonreflective coating on both sides. The jumping date advances exactly at midnight.

The replica watch uk is powered by a seasoned caliber, the Rolex 3135, used in the very first Yacht-Master in 1992. The 3135 debuted in 1988 in the Submariner. The blue Parachrom balance spring was added to the movement in 2005, five years after it was first introduced in the Cosmograph Daytona. Its paramagnetic alloy resists changes caused by temperature variations and magnetic fields.

The Parachrom balance spring is thinner than a human hair and up to 10 times more resistant to shocks than a conventional balance spring. Provided with an overcoil, it is attached to a large balance wheel with a variable moment of inertia. Fine adjustments are made using four gold Microstella regulating screws. The balance wheel is supported by a height-adjustable bridge. The entire construction ensures rate results that bring the Yacht-Master (as well as the other uk replica watches in the Oyster collection) to the rank of “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified.” These words on the Yacht-Master’s dial mean that the quality watch has endured 15 days and nights of testing by COSC in addition to a series of tests conducted by Rolex in its own laboratory.

The tests performed by Rolex include a water-resistance check. Unlike the Submariner, the Yacht-Master’s water resistance is “only” 100 meters. This means that the Yacht-Master is not designed to be a professional dive fake watch, which requires water resistance of at least 200 meters.

The Yacht-Master’s bidirectional bezel also keeps it from being a dive watch on sale. The bezel on a dive watch usually rotates in only one direction so it won’t show a shorter dive time if it’s repositioned inadvertently. But the Yacht-Master’s bezel is impressive: it has 120 ratchets and shows graduations in 5-minute increments using both Arabic numerals and line markers. The first quarter has well-defined minutes markers. Polished, raised graduations on the ceramic inlay stand in relief against a sandblasted, matte black background. The bezel is made of Cerachrom, Rolex’s ceramic material. The Ceramic inlay is set in a deeply grooved ring made of Everose gold, Rolex’s rose-gold alloy. A grooved caseback seals the case hermetically and can only be opened using a special tool. Three dots on the screw-down crown indicate that this replica watch has been sealed with the Triplock sealing system, a triple water- resistance system developed by Rolex.

The screw-down crown sits securely inside the case between two crown guards. Releasing the crown allows it to spring away from the midsection, which makes it easy to use for manual winding, rapid date change and setting the hands.

The dial has a characteristic Rolex look. The applied markers and elongated triangle at 12 o’clock are filled with Rolex’s luminous substance, Chromalight, and are displayed on a matte black background. The hour hand has a “Mercedes” circle filled with Chromalight and the seconds hand has a luminous Chromalight dot. The stark contrast of black and white ensures excellent legibility during the day; at night the Chromalight emits a blue glow for easy reading in the dark.

This watch is the first Rolex with an Oysterflex bracelet. (We use the term “bracelet” rather than “strap” because the Oysterflex, unlike standard rubber straps, has metal on the inside.) Combining a rubber strap with a gold case is nothing new, but at Rolex, known for its conservative approach to design, it’s a major innovation. The patented bracelet has a core made of nickel-titanium alloy blades, which provide excellent flexibility and are coated with a black elastomer, a synthetic type of rubber. When the material is subjected to tension and pressure, it returns to its original shape quickly. It resists environmental changes and is long lasting, waterproof and hypoallergenic – a good alternative to a metal bracelet. The bracelet’s black color goes well with the ceramic bezel and with the Everose gold case, presenting a modern, two-tone look.

Inside the bracelet is a patented cushioning system that increases wearing comfort. The bracelet accommodates changes in wrist size. The single-sided Oysterlock folding clasp made of Everose gold offers additional flexibility; it allows for three length adjustments. Screws attach the clasp securely to the bracelet. A safety bar makes opening the clasp more difficult but prevents it from opening accidentally.

Manufacturer: Rolex SA, Rue François-Dussaud 3-7, 1211 Geneva, Switzerland
Reference number: 116655
Functions: Hours, minutes, central seconds, date, bidirectional rotating bezel
Movement: In-house Caliber 3135, automatic, “Superlative Chronometer” certified, 28,800 vph, 31 jewels, Kif shock absorbers, Glucydur balance with Microstella regulating screws, Parachrom balance spring with overcoil, 48-hour power reserve, diameter = 28.5 mm, height = 6.0 mm
Case: Everose-gold Oyster case with black Cerachrom ceramic graduated bezel, sapphire crystal with Cyclops magnifying lens, water resistant to 100 m
Bracelet and clasp: Oysterflex bracelet with Everose-gold, single-sided Oysterlock folding clasp
Rate results: Deviations in seconds per 24 hours (Fully wound / after 24 hours)
Dial up +3.1 / +2.9
Dial down +2.1 / +3.2
Crown up -0.7 / -1.6
Crown down -0.8 / -2.6
Crown left +2.5 / +2.6
Greatest deviation of rate 3.9 / 5.8
Average deviation +1.2 / +0.9
Average amplitude:
Flat positions 292° / 265°
Hanging positions 247° / 233°
Dimensions: Diameter = 40 mm, height = 11 mm, weight = 154 g
Variations: 37-mm case (Ref. 268655, with Caliber 2236, $22,000)
Price: $24,950


Raynald Aeschlimann, The New Omega President

20 years ago, Raynald Aeschlimann started his career at Omega. Get to apperceive the mover and shaker who will beacon the cast in the next years and abide its success story.

This is apparently the a lot of absolute account with the new Omega President that has been recorded so far.

I apperceive Raynald for at atomic 15 years now and I accordingly was able to chase his career actual carefully so far. Raynald is a mover and shaker. Working with him consistently agency to be very, actual alive and of advance reactive. Raynald knows to actuate the humans about him and Raynald has a bright eyes for Omega replica watches for the next years.

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